LAINTEC s.r.l. is specialized in the study, conception, projection and development of all technology and know-how necessary in the creation of a new factory for the gaskets production and it is also available to update or remodernize existing manufacturing facilities.

Beside providing a full service in the development of new or existing projects, LAINTEC s.r.l. is available to supply all the machinery, moulds and dies, as well as the transfer of technology and know-how relative to a specific project. The erection and start-up of a plant, as well as a thorough follow-up in production are guaranteed services provided by our fully-trained technical team.

We are also prepared to creates complete local high qualified workgroups in the country where Customer’s factory is located. Main goals of this workgroup should be the Out Sourcing and to meet technological/production exigencies of Customer’s production factory, particularly :

technological development of the product
quality improvement of the product
total product cost reduction
internal workmanship reduction and relevant training


LAINTEC s.r.l. has consolidated the technology for the production of magnetic and non magnetic gaskets for the refrigeration/freezing industry, raw materials and relevant plants.

The company born from a long experience consolidated by a society founded in 1987 and that from the beginning, has specialised in sales abroad, and today 95% of the total production is exported.

Our know-how covers:
- raw material qualifying , quality control and production
- technical profile design
- production of gaskets
- design and construction of tooling and modular machinery for gasket assembly
carrying out each of the above functions ourselves.

The company is engaged entirely in the development and construction of machinery and plant equipment for its customers.

We have developed experience for door and door-liner automatic foaming fixing gaskets without screws (monoblock doors). We can offer know-how, assistance and planning for profile optimising related to the refrigerators profiles freezer for domestic and industrial use.

It is properly due to the experience obtained in this direction that we have studied a new strategy which, in relation of those new exigencies born with the market evolution, will enable the biggest refrigerators manufacturers to obtain great advantages as :

gasket cost reduction (both magnetic and non magnetic)

product’s quality increasing and constant check

maximum flexibility for a best development of the new production policies (just-in-time) with instantaneous supplies according to refrigerators production plans.

Following this policy we have already started some productive units close to the main refrigerator manufacturers factories. Brilliant examples in this are the joint-venture in Slovakia , the one in Portugal and the last one (with a production capability of 1.500.000 gaskets per year) in Slovenja to supply Gorenje group.