Company name State Desription
Philco Argentina Engineering
Albatros System Italy Shower-box gaskets
Ocean Italy Gaskets
Holbe Italy Technology, Gaskets
Iber Italy Technology, Gaskets
Merloni Progetti Italy Complete plants
Sunexport Italy Complete plants, Raw material
Blues Slovenja Co-operation
Gorenje Slovenja Gaskets
ACM-Ris Croatia Tools, Plastic Granule, Magnetic strip
Sovex-B Slovakia Joint-Venture
Calex Slovakia Gaskets, Complete plants
Friplas Portugal Co-operation
Minifrio Portugal Gaskets
Arctic Romania Magnetic Strip, Various components
Compex Chile Co-operation
C.T.I. Chile Gaskets
Stinol Russia Complete plants, Plastic granule
Electrolux Refrigeration UK Technology, Gaskets
Cussons Ltd UK Gaskets
Friberica Portugal Technology, Gaskets
Frinko Macedonia Technology, Gaskets
Obod Yugoslavia Technology, Gaskets
Samsung Korea Design
Seo-Kwang for Samsung Korea Complete plants
Euroimpex Poland Technology
Intertrade Egypt Complete plants
Kiriazi Co. Egypt Complete plants, Raw materials
Polycom Costa Rica Plants
Philco S.A. Argentina Technology, gaskets
Indeca San Salvador Technology, gaskets
Whirlpool Saudi Arabia Technology, gasket
Cool Industries Pakistan Equipment and Tools
Pel Pakistan Equipment and Tools, Raw Material
Perfilplast Ecuador Equipment and Tools
Indurama Ecuador Design